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How to Comply with California Balcony & Deck Ordinances

If you’re looking to add or remodel a balcony or deck in your home, as a homeowner or a property manager in California, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the state's balcony and deck ordinances. These laws are designed to ensure the safety and well-being of the occupants, and non-compliance can lead to hefty fines or even legal action. The California Building Code (CBC) outlines the specific requirements for balcony and deck construction, and it's frequently updated to incorporate the latest safety standards and best practices.

The Importance of Building Inspections: Why Regular Inspections Are Key to Ensuring Your Property's Safety and Longevity

HOA board members, you have a big responsibility: keeping your community in top shape. You want your residents to enjoy a cozy, secure, and stunning living environment. But how can you achieve that without spending a fortune?

You may think you can tell the condition of your roof by looking at it. However, this is not an easy task. It could cost you more in terms of roof repairs, and you may end up replacing the whole roof. 

5 Common Signs of Roof Damage: How to Spot Them Before They Get Worse

Did you know that roofs are among the most neglected parts of your HOA's properties? Yet they are also among the most important for your community's safety and comfort. Roofs protect and enhance your entire neighborhood, from keeping residents cozy and dry to preserving your homes' curb appeal.

What Is Construction Planning?

Construction planning is a vital step in maintaining multi-family properties and communities. It provides an outline for the project and sets the guidelines to ensure its success.

The Importance of SB 326 for Ensuring Safe Balcony Construction in California

In 2016, numerous people were hurt or died when a balcony from an apartment building sheared off. Using composite wood rather than pneumatically treated wood and letting the balcony get wet before enclosing it resulted in lawsuits against the building contractors.

What Does Construction Management Include?

If you plan to undertake a project, you must assemble the right team. You can have all the best intentions and financial muscle, but it can still go wrong. Many undertake projects that waste time and money because of such factors as poor personnel selection. If you are not a professional in the construction industry, hiring someone who is should be your priority. 

What You Need to Know About the SB 326 Balcony Bill 

The Senate Bill 326 Balcony Bill is from August 30, 2019. It is the result of a tragedy in 2015 involving young adults at a birthday party when the balcony structure they were on collapsed, killing five and injuring seven. One of the seven also died later from injuries.

In this month's newsletter, we're giving tips to Community Managers and Boards on how to navigate through the complex process of project planning and construction. Our goal is to instill confidence within your board to make informed decisions regarding the repair needs of your community.

Scope development is one of the most important pieces when it comes to starting a project. When you hire AD Magellan Construction Planning and Management for Scope Developement & Bid Facilitation we provide a clear concise scope of work to the bidders

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