Construction Funding Optimization

Turn your reserve study into a business plan​

Our Construction Funding Optimization plan (CFO) is an effective and strategic planning tool to help your board prepare for their large upcoming projects. By creating a construction funding plan, we will establish the most effective road map to maintain your community. Think of us as your Google Maps, getting you to your destination in the most efficient way, steering you away from traffic and pitfalls.

How It Works

  • A.D. Magellan reviews your reserve study and visits your community.

  • We create an easy-to-understand Construction Funding Optimization Plan including large construction component recommendations as a community business plan.

  • Use us as your expert to keep you updated on all repair needs, future and past.

Benefits to you

  • Ability to make informed decisions spending reserve funds and protecting your investment.

  • Put your board in the driver’s seat by acting proactively regarding upcoming expenditures.

  • Expert construction advisor working on behalf of the board.

  • In-depth, clear and current data regarding repair needs.

We Help Avoid

  • Spending money when or where it is not necessary.

  • Not enough money to fund the project.

  • Repairing or replacing with sub-par products.

  • Emergency special assessments.

  • Emergency repairs and band-aids.

​Did you know?

Having A.D. Magellan as your construction adviser is like having an Alexa for all your construction needs. Just shoot us the question or concern and we can help you.

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