Our most commonly asked questions with answers!

​Q: What is a Construction Manager’s role?

A: A construction manager acts as the guide and strategic planner for HOA, commercial, and apartment communities for all common area components requiring maintenance or replacement.

​​Q: Are you a General Contractor?

A: Although A.D. Magellan holds a general contractor’s license, we do not act as a general contractor. We are a third-party advocate for the board and management team with over 30 years combined construction experience. We do not perform the physical repairs but oversee as a construction expert for our clients.

Q: Why does it pay to have an expert guide?

A: A construction manager will provide knowledge and experience that the board and management team typically do not have. Our experts happily review the project needs, materials, and potential challenges. The goal is to provide cost-efficient repair options, develop a comprehensive bid package, and introduce our clients to vetted contractors familiar with the experience and requirements working in and around Multi-Family units. In return, this saves the community time and money during the project process.

​​Q: What is our project approach?
  • Develop clear expectations based on the community’s goal.

  • A detailed scope of work will be completed and competitive pricing will be obtained.

  • Review construction invoices and ensure proper protocol is being followed for billing and change order procedures.

  • At the end of your project, you will receive a comprehensive closeout package including all contract and warranty information for your project that can be passed on to new board members and management teams.

  • ​Our company's mission is to Educate, Budget, Plan, and Execute.

Q: What services do you offer?
  • Strategic project planning

  • Roof and Building inspections

  • Scope and bid development

  • Bid analysis and selection

  • Construction management and oversight services

  • Civil Code 5551 (CIDs) inspections (SB326 Balcony Bill)

  • Civil Code 1954 Article 2.2 (landlords) balcony inspections (SB721)

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