Construction Planning

Simplifying the planning of your next community project

Benefits to you

  • Timely and efficient process

  • Ability to make informed decisions with the data we provide.

  • Simple and clear repair plan options

  • Transparent, honest and simple process

  • Prioritized list of needed repairs

  • Introduction to vetted contractors

  • Cost versus benefit analysis

  • Seamless transition from the planning stage into construction

​Starting your community repair project can be confusing and overwhelming. Multiple units, contrasting bids, where do you begin? A.D. Magellan understands the stress that is involved in making huge decisions on behalf of everyone in your community. We are here to help you in the planning phase, the most important phase of the venture, setting you up for a successful project that is on time and on budget.

How can we help?

A.D. Magellan provides knowledge and experience managing this phase to make it a simple and enjoyable experience. We take great pride in providing cost-efficient repair options, developing a comprehensive bid package, and introducing our clients to vetted contractors familiar with the requirements working in and around Multi-Family units.

​Did You Know?

Establishing a detailed plan before beginning your project will not only allow it to run smoothly but can save you thousands of dollars. Everyone will understand the expectations, resulting in fewer questions and more time for you.

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