Building Inspections

Preventative care for your buildings

Benefits to you

  • Make informed decisions

  • Protect your investment

  • Streamlined repair process

  • Peace of mind

  • Avoid angry tenants and homeowners

  • Reduce remediation costs

  • Avoid leak related emergencies

  • Ensure all waterproofing is in good condition

  • Maintain a safe community

​There is so much to inspect on your community’s buildings to ensure they are kept safe and beautiful. Does that railing need to be repainted or is there a bigger issue and replacement is needed? A.D. Magellan can provide the information to answer these concerns giving you and your community peace of mind.

How can we help?

Performing detailed on-site building inspections, we can determine the current condition of structures, remaining useful life of each system (like wood components) and suggest options for repair or replacement to assist in keeping your community’s structures safe and leak free. A.D. Magellan will generate a detailed report with all findings, cost projections, prioritized repair recommendation, and maintenance plans. We can then put this plan into motion and supervise the repairs to completion.

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