Roof Inspections

Roof repairs made simple from inspection to completion
Preventative care for your roof

Benefits to you

  • Make informed decisions

  • Protect your investment

  • Streamlined repair process

  • Non-invasive Inspections

  • Reduce remediation costs

  • Avoid leak related emergencies

​Utilizing state-of-the-art digital and thermal drone technology, A.D. Magellan’s team of roof experts will identify important details about your roof that cannot be determined with visual or physical inspections. .

Thorough. Accurate. Efficient

​Detect hard to find areas in need of repair which can lead to leaks, mold, and rot. Utilizing our drones, we can determine cracked or slipped tiles, improper installation, and areas of your roof that potentially contain moisture without an intrusive inspection.

Thermal cameras can quickly and accurately detect areas of concern with a simple picture. Making it very clear which roofs will need repairs, replacements or no work at all.

​Did you Know?

​A single roof leak can cause an average of $15,000 in repairs alone, not to mention possible displacement or loss of rental income. A drone survey for your entire community is a fraction of the cost and can prevent future damage and emergency repair costs.

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