Consulting Services

Looking for an easier way to handle your construction projects?

Construction Planning Services

Starting your community repair project can be confusing and overwhelming. Multiple units, contrasting bids, where do you begin? A.D. Magellan understands the stress that is involved in making huge decisions on behalf of everyone in your community. We are here to help you in the planning phase, the most important phase of the venture, setting you up for a successful project that is on time and on budget. Read more...

Construction Management Services

Managing a repair project can be time-consuming! So many different balls in the air, will the project be finished on time, within budget and will the result be a quality product? A.D. Magellan is here to ensure all of this happens for your community and make you (HOA board and manager) look like the superstar to them. ​Read more...

Annual HOA Support Plan

​Making sure your community is safe, your reserve studies are accurate, and warranty maintenance is up to date can be a full-time job! Who do you call when there is a problem? A.D. Magellan wants to be your go-to firm to fix any repairs needed in a cost-effective and timely manner. Read more...

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