About us

A​.D. Magellan

Who We Are

A​.D. Magellan is a construction management team that simplifies the repair process for multi-family communities to keep them a beautiful and safe place to live. Our goal is simple - be your guide through the confusing process of project planning and management so you can be the hero to your community.


What Sets Us Apart

  • Extensive experience working in occupied space reconstruction

  • Utilization of cutting edge technology to perform property inspections and keep you informed on the progress of your project

  • Critical thinkers willing to accept new challenges

AD Magellan Founders

A​.D. Magellan founders

​Paul Reyes is a licensed general contractor with more than a decade of multi-family specific construction experience. His extensive background covers means and methods, site inspections, cost of repair development, mediated scope of repair definition, project management and expert testimony.

Shannon Smith has been in the multi-family and reconstruction industry for over ten years. Her mission is to understand the needs of her clients to ensure their construction projects are set up for success. Shannon has been active with CAI San Diego since 2009 and sat on the board of directors from 2010-2016.
Are you ready to be your community’s hero?

Partnering with A.D. Magellan will help you make informed decisions to protect your investment. We assist in developing a detailed scope of work, prioritizing repairs, vetting contractors and overseeing the repair process. A.D. Magellan will guide you through the planning and completion of your repairs, so you can deliver a safe and beautiful community to your homeowners.

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