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Who we are?

A.D. Magellan is a construction management and planning firm whose role is to guide you through the process of project planning and construction. Our goal is to instill confidence within our clients to make informed decisions regarding the repair needs of their properties. We oversee competitive bidding, contract negotiation, and contract timelines. We work with the contractor to develop realistic budgets and ensure the project is completed within budgets by implementing cost-reducing documentation controls and applying resources efficiently. Additionally, having an expert team leading your project gives you many efficiency bonuses in terms of budget monitoring and utilization, keeping the project on schedule, and coordinating the efforts of the team in the most effective and efficient manner.

AD Magellan cares about you and your investment.​
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What services do we offer?

  • Roof and Building inspections

  • Scope and bid development

  • Bid analysis and selection

  • Construction management and oversight services

  • SB721 Civil Code 1954 inspections

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